I know he's my brother and all but at the same time I can't stand by and watch our right to peaceively assemble and to speak be trampled on. So pursuant to federal law I made a FOIA request which was lawfully served to him by an official server at Applebees demanding copies of all records, charts, documents, papers, files, emails, faxes, correspondence, facetimes, pictures, essays, thoughts, information, details, data, pdfs, Superman cartoon analyses, folders, trapper keepers, spirals, diaries and other et cetera relating to the seeding and establishment of the commenting tournament.

Apparently he was able to get out of pretty much all of this because every responsive document contained your social security numbers which probably raises a number of other constitutional issues (I forget which amendment deals with social security numbers but it probably is after #14 because I know most blacks and women have them). But he was forced to turn over one document which he allowed me to copy at his office.

Unfortunately it doesn't show any evidence that the tournament wasn't legally or properly run but I wanted to share it in the spirit of free speech.